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For many people driving is a necessity and the need to keep a car on the road is essential. Whether you use your car for work or pleasure you need the correct cover with a quality company.

The motor association states that over 35% of cars are not insured at all which could make a road accident an expenses affair for you.

Shopping for car insurance has become a minefield. We can take that work away from you. Please call 01566 772282, fax 01566 774399 or e mail us on, for a good quality quote with the best service we can provide.

Motor cycle Insurance

Want a quote for motor cycle insurance contact us immediately or get a quote online by clicking here.

We have many companies who will quote for your motor cycle insurance, including a specialist scheme with Devitt DA.

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You can now buy your temporary motor insurance 24 hours a day with our service. Click here to get started.

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